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Sandra Klerks

I have many years of experience in tracing family history for other people. My business is a small one with few overheads. This means I can offer a personal and professional service at a competitive price.

I studied History, English and Italian at the University of Amsterdam, the University of Cambrigde and the University of Copenhagen. After being a teacher for 13 years I decided to finally make my dream come true and start my own company in genealogy. I am also a member of several Genealogy Societies.
This background and qualifications means that I can understand the context in which your ancestors lived and, where they survived, find sources that can reveal the lives of your ancestors and the social and economic context in which they lived, in addition to records of birth, marriage and death. For example, 18th century poor law documents will tell you about the financial hardships of ancestors who were paupers.



I do not just use internet resources, but am experienced in using a range of genealogical sources, for example, wills, criminal, military, poor law, newspapers, educational and occupational records. All of which can help track down those elusive ancestors and which are not available on the internet. I can decipher and read old handwriting. I always try to view original records and will visit various archives and local record offices to achieve this.







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