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Klerks Genealogy has been so helpful in our family history research, specifically our ancestors' European lineage prior to 1900. Despite the twists and turns family research takes and the research challenges that arise, Sandra Klerks was very knowledgeable in her analysis of records and documents, and viewing the whole from the historical perspective. She is responsive, professional - and her expertise and guidance were critical to helping us fully understand our Italian lineage. Cathy Gedvilas, January 2017


  I had questions about my grandmother's parents, I couldn't find any informations myself. She did not only find days and places of birth and death, she also found interesting little facts about my greatgrandparents and back, my great grandfather's parents, and my 3 times great grandfather, and his father and his father... up to the 18th Century, with an effigy too! I know what they did, where they did it and what they looked like. This is simply amazing and this will lead to a very nice Christmas dinner, because we'll discuss family histroy. I can't wait to be able to ask Sandra to search further back and in the maternal lines as well. Thank you, you are the best! Chiara Beltrami, December 2016









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