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Are you considering tracing your family tree in Holland?
Or are you looking for emigrated family abroad? Are you not exactly sure how to conduct such a research?

You have come to the right person. I can help you trace your Dutch roots but I can also help you find relatives who have spread out all over the world.

Packages : Personalised Investigation

From any starting point in the 20th century, I provide three different types of research package for those looking to trace their family tree back into history, from scratch with a straightforward all-inclusive price structure.

Typically, the cost of this preliminary investigation covers all travel in the Netherlands, obtaining copies of documents and my research time.

If your research needs are more complex, or larger in scale, I can offer a personalised investigation at a fixed price that can be tailored to your specific research needs.


research package

This is suitable for searching one family line (e.g. a grandparent’s name).

€ 250

with a maximum of 10 hours research time.


research package

This is suitable for those wanting to search two family lines (e.g. your paternal grandparents names).

€ 300

with a maximum of 15 hours research time.


research package

This is suitable for those wanting to research up to four family lines (e.g. all your grandparents’ names).

€ 450

with a maximum of 20 hours research time.

I will search back in time as far as available sources allow. Depending on the survival of records, difficulties with common surnames, and the migration of an ancestor, a typical research package might include some or all of the following:

  • Certificates of births, marriages and deaths, where available, up to 10 certificates per surname line investigated.
  • Wills and other probate documents left by your ancestors (where available)
  • Where parish records survive, records of baptisms, marriages and burials
  • Looking for records relating to the land your ancestors held (or rented) or business that they ran
  • If an ancestor was in the military, looking for relevant armed services records (e.g. from the First World War)
  • If your ancestor was an immigrant, looking for relevant records of immigration and naturalisation
  • If your ancestor was a pauper or a criminal who was transported, looking for relevant poor law and criminal records
  • Analysis of your/your ancestors’ surnames and their geographical origins and etymology (where possible);
  • A personalised investigation report outlining the research done
  • A pedigree chart for each surname
  • Historical maps showing where your ancestors lived (where available)
  • Advice on further research
  • If your research is intended as a gift for someone, I can also provide a presentation binder at no extra cost in our ‘SILVER’ and ‘GOLD’ research packages.

In case you need more, then further research would be charged at my hourly rate. For example, this might be suitable for someone wanting an in-depth exploration of parish registers/records particular parishes/areas in The Netherlands. Please contact me for specific quote and to discuss your needs.

Are there any extra costs?

County record offices charge for photocopying of their records, including print-outs of records on microfiche like parish registers and wills. In addition to research time, you should allow for such copies of records as an extra cost. I will contact you about prices in such cases.

Digital photography may be necessary where documents are too old and fragile to be photocopied. This is especially the case for documents bound in old volumes and books. I will contact you about prices in such cases.

If not included in a BRONZE, SILVER, or GOLD research package, extra birth, marriage and death certificates have a different price depending on the town where your ancestors came from (there is no fixed price for these documents in The Netherlands). I will contact you about prices in such cases, and you should factor in these costs when you budget for your research. Please contact me for an estimated quote.

If you live outside The Netherlands and want your research report (and copies of documents) sent by mail, there is a postage and packing charge to cover the cost of international airmail postage. Alternatively, I can send your report/scans of original documents for free by email.

Please contact me for more information and to discuss your specific requirements. I strongly recommend that you read my Frequently Asked Questions page and my Terms and Conditions before commissioning any research.