Probate research

Unclaimed Estates


Each year many people die without the heirs knowing they are entitled to the estate. It may be the family was out of touch for years or perhaps they are not even aware of each other’s existence.

It is also possible there is no immediate family at all. And possible heirs may have emigrated. No matter what the situation was, family ties may have been broken for many different reasons.

When the deceased has not made a will, tracing the heirs may be quite a difficult job. A research conducted by a notary is thorough but may not always lead to the right beneficiaries. In such cases the estate will go to the State Treasury. This part of the Department of Finances keeps unsolved and unclaimed estates.

After 20 years the estate ends up in the Treasury.

Forensic genealogist

As a genealogical researcher (or forensic genealogist) I have different methods and ways of doing research and I can step in when your notary investigation has stranded.

I offer genealogical research to solve both “cold” and “hot” cases.