Who am I

Sandra Klerks

Klerks Genealogy was founded in 2009 by Sandra Klerks. She offers her services in the field of probate research. The origin of her work dates back longer.

Sandra Klerks began to show interest in genealogy research when she was seventeen-years-old. A family member introduced her to this research. Though she had several other jobs, she continued to do research. She helped people living in Canada to clarify their family history.

During her study and the following years, she learned more about reporting and file management. She also learned more about the structure and organization of these reports and files. This would help her with her research work.

Sandra was employed at Leiden University as an international student coordinator. She was also employed as a counselor for children diagnosed with a mild form of autism. These children experienced problems when it concerned their education. During this period in her life, she continued her genealogic research.

In 2009, she turned her hobby into her profession. During the period she was pregnant, she became acquainted with the BBC television program Heir Hunters. This resulted in her contacting different national and international companies and organizations involved with genealogic research. She offered her services as a researcher. In April 2009, she founded Sandra Klerks Genealogisch Onderzoek (Sandra Klerks Genealogic Research).

After the first request for research from Israel, many other requests would follow. Perhaps you can be the next client.

Contact Sandra for the possibilities.

Why should you choose Sandra?

With the help of her own network of contacts with (international) organizations (archives, lawyers, notaries and fellow researchers), she is able to perform a thorough investigation. It was because of her research, that some international producers of television programs were able to successfully complete their documentaries. She helped to solve an investigation of a missing Flemish couple. She was triggered to do so, because of a photograph she saw in an Italian newspaper.

Sandra is a self-taught researcher. This is because there is no Dutch training or education in the field of genealogy. She has therefore decided to be educated in Scotland.

She wants to learn new things and commits herself fully to the research tasks. Her goal is to clarify what people, companies or organizations need to get the answers they need. Very helpful: she speaks several languages (Dutch, English, German, French and Italian).

Communication and the need for her to always be clear makes Sandra a trusted partner to perform the needed research. She combines her work as a genealogic researcher with her family life.

Despite the demanding need for her clients to do research, she is still able to offer her services without a waiting list. You should consider the possibility that some research may take time because she needs to communicate through different communication channels.